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NanoEYE: Immersion in nanoscience for education in the early years

What is NanoEYE?

NanoEYE is a project that aims to promote equal opportunities for all children in science education in the early years to ensure access, inclusion, diversity and equity in the development of personality, aptitude and skills to promote their curiosity about the world around them through nanoscience. With this project, we seek to develop high-quality early childhood education and care systems for supporting teachers in the use of innovative and creative methods to teach nanoscience in the early years. The project encourages the creation of curricular materials, a set of tools for teachers, training in modules for teachers and the generation of a manual of good practices. The training modules cover an introduction to questioning, practical investigations, and group work approaches to teaching science in the early years.

How can we help our young children acquire the basic skills they need to succeed in school and later in life? How can we help them develop their social skills, help them understand tomorrow’s world? We all learn throughout our lives, but children’s first years are crucial to plant the seeds which will allow them to flourish later in life. Their first years, before they even reach the age of the primary school, set the foundations for their personal development, social skills and successful later learning. While their family gives them care, affection, values and so many more things, children also benefit from receiving professional education and care. This is why the European Pillar of Social Rights established that children have the right to affordable early childhood education and care of good quality and a Council recommendation for high-quality early childhood education and care systems was adopted in 2019.

Our Objectives:

This project is an instrument to help achieve European ambitions in the field of education and is an important route to support high quality provision of early childhood education and care (ECEC) to encourage and develop children’s curiosity about the environment that surrounds them and develop an interest in scientific knowledge from early childhood under

parity conditions. One of the key objectives of the NanoEYE project is dedicated to the implementation and validation of the training approach and curriculum materials developed by the project, i.e. to implement and validate a number of training activities at national and international levels with the scope to improve early years and primary teachers’ knowledge and skills. These training activities, as well as the training approach, will be based on the course syllabus and developed by the project partners in Projects Results and are intended to offer from the beginning equal opportunities in the field of science for both children as for girls. The implementation and validation plan has the following specific objectives, it aims: to present the different types of training activities that will be carried out ; to ensure efficient management in order to reach the quality indicators; to identify how the implementation of the training activities can contribute to our objectives and to the improvement of the training materials produced by the project and are to be used in teacher education for early years and primary teachers to foster their use of creative and inquiry-based approaches in science teaching; to present the tools that will be used for the evaluation of the training activities; to present the evaluation of the training events as part of the entire project’s evaluation plan, which includes the evaluation of Projects Results.

The project goes from January 1, 2022 to January 1, 2024.


The project “NANO EYE: Immersion in nanoscience for education in the early years” is a project financed by the Erasmus+ program under the call “Cooperation Associations in School Education”, coordinated by ESCIENCIA and presented in collaboration with:

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Fondazione Castello di Palermo Italy
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Associated Partners

Guardería la Paz Barbastro-Zaragoza, Spain
Scuola dell’Infanzia paritaria Ente Morale F. Ferrari in Borgo San Giacomo Province of Brescia, Italy
Scuola per l’infanzia paritaria Cervi Maria Zilioli in Farfengo Province of Brescia, Italy